Private lessons

In private lessons, we can focus on your individual needs. Whether you are new to skiing and want to gain some initial experience or if you want to deepen your knowledge, you have come to the right place!

Group lesson

Learn snow sports in groups from 3+ children with peers in a playful manner. Our lessons are varied, playful and designed to be child-friendly, with the primary focus on having fun.

If you complete a level of the Swiss Snow League, you will receive a medal and automatically advance to a higher level.

Try-out course

Your first time on the snow? You can already attend ELKI ski lessons from the age of 2.5 accompanied by your parents (who are also with skis).
Would you prefer to get a taste of snowboarding? You can also make your first sliding attempts on the board from the age of 2.5.
With these trial courses, we want to awaken your curiosity for snow sports and share our enthusiasm with you.