Ski Group Lessons

Skiing should be one thing above all else: fun! Therefore, we teach you the most important techniques and rules of conduct on slopes from scratch. The lessons are varied, playful and suitable for children. With each level reached in a league, you earn the corresponding medal and qualify for the next level. When you have completed all levels of a league, you will be promoted to the next higher league.


This is your first time on skis and you would like to learn to ski together with other toddlers (minimum: 3 years old)? With us, you can enjoy a perfectly equipped kids village area with top infrastructure such as a tipi, conveyor belt, carousel, pony lift, magic park and snowli as a lucky charm.

Every day has a different motto:

Snowli Day
Indian Day
Circus Day
Pirate Day
Ski Race Day


Blue League

“Yay, now we’re rocking the slopes” – In blue league you learn, among other things, how to ski independently as well as first tricks in the plough and in parallel ski position. Fun and joy are not neglected.



Red League

You already know how to use your skis and your skills will be consolidated and expanded in the red league. You will learn the basics for jumping as well as safe and dynamic skiing on medium-difficulty slopes in parallel turns. Do you prefer freestyle skiing in our snow park or do you feel more comfortable between the gates on racetracks? Find it out – because now it’s just getting real fun.


Black League

You start to challenge yourself in ungroomed snow now. Do your parallel turns also look smooth there? You also learn to underline simple jumps with a cool trick.

Swiss Snow Academy Ski

Swiss Snow Academy is distinguished by its diversity. You are skiing on and off slopes, in our snow park and between the gates on racetracks. Your instructor focuses safety, fun and learning success. You will learn great tricks and develop your own style in our snow spark.

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