Snowboard Group Lessons

Snowboarding should be one thing above all else: fun! Therefore, we teach you the most important techniques and rules of conduct on slopes from scratch. The lessons are varied, playful and suitable for children. With each level reached in a league, you earn the corresponding medal and qualify for the next level. When you have completed all levels of a league, you will be promoted to the next higher league.

Swiss Snow Playground

Do you want to learn snowboarding in a playful way? Are you between 2.5-6 years old? During the winter vacations we offer a group course from Monday to Friday, where you can learn your first stops and turns with age-appropriate snowboards.

Location: Snowgarden Fastatsch, Valbella
Dates: Monday, 30.01.2023
Monday, 06.02.2023
Monday, 15.02.2023
Monday, 22.02.2023
Monday, 27.02.2023
Duration: 09:45 – 11:45
Equipment: Snowboard (included, available for free)
Mountain railway ticket: Not required
Costs: CHF 55.00 per day
CHF 210.00 for the weekly ticket (monday-friday)


Blue League

You are a rooky in snowboarding but you have big plans. You will learn the first turns and tricks and you will be able to ski easy slopes and the snow park safely and with first variations. The joy of snowboarding and the desire for more will be awakened.


Red League

You already know how to use your snowboard and your skills will be consolidated and expanded in the red league. You will acquire the basics for jumping as well as safe and dynamic snowboarding on slopes and the snow park. Do you want the fascination of snowboarding to keep you going? Find it out.

Swiss Snow Academy Snowboard

Welcome to the world of snowboard champs! Turns, tricks and airs on- and off-piste, as well as in the snow park and the pipe characterize the Swiss Snow Academy Snowboard.